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Bridging the gap; Dutch technologies fitting Water challenges in the Middle East and Africa

Water technologies and innovations is an essential part of Dutch engineering DNA. Water is one of the Top Ten focus areas of the Dutch economy and activities abroad. On the other hand, water stress imposing significant challenge in many regions in the world. The Middle Eastern and African countries come on the top of the list of water stressed countries. How can the Dutch technologies play a role in meeting water challenges in this region? What do we need to know and how does the engineering community in the Netherlands can bridge the need with available Dutch technologies and knowledge in the water sector? To help answer these questions KIE is applying the Dutch Diamond model and bringing together knowledge institute, business, investors, NGOs and public institutes to a round table.

Join us and participate in the interactive session to bridge the needs in the Middle East and Africa with Dutch technologies
When?      Tuesday 20th of februari 2018 19:00 - 22:00 uur 

Where?     The big meeting room, third floor The Hague Tech Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10, 2595 CL Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

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27 September 2017 “Circular Economy in the Netherlands and Abroad: Experiences and new trends”

KIVI International Engineers (KIE), a section of The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI (before Engineers without borders), is glad to relaunch itself and introduce its new board members. With its new start, KIE is pleased to invite you to its kick-off event under the title “Circular Economy in the Netherlands and Abroad: Experiences and new trends”. Circular Economy is selected as the topic for our first seminar since it is the annual theme of KIVI.

Driven by its mission to become a cater for international engineers in the Netherlands, on 27th September 2017, with great honor KIE is hosting two high level speakers with international and Dutch experiences on the topic. The idea is to share two different points of view in the context of circular economy: one from local and another from international experience and share the outlook for the future in this regard. Dr. Pavlina Nanou will give a presentation about her projects in The Netherlands from the local perspective and Dr. Diego Santamaria Razo will give a presentation about his projects in the international perspective. Each presentation will be followed by a short Q&A . And the whole seminar will be finalized with a dialog about the future trends in circular economy to create a fruitful conversation and interaction between the speakers and audience.

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