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Love-Your-Home-One-Stop-Shop a creation of work4water

 All-in-one-tool-for-house-owners to become CO2 neutral by 2040

Startup Love-your-Home-One-Stop-Shop will design an application that helps house owners to make their homes energy efficient. ‘As a civil engineer I am devoted to helping people improve their living conditions by providing sustainable solutions for their homes. I love my city The Hague and want to be part of making The Hague a resilient city. After successfully implementing the tool in The Hague, I hope it will be an example for other cities, this will change the way we build and engineer our homes’.

‘The application offers a full-package service that makes it easy for house owners to make their homes sustainable. At the moment it is difficult for home owners to decide what kind of measures they should take and which suppliers provide the best services. What I am developing will give transparent, trustworthy and research based advise. At the same time it will serve as an interdisciplinary platform connecting professionals and scientific researchers that will share their knowledge.’

Co-create with The Hague Municipality
‘The municipality is the key player in the process of making The Hague a resilient, sustainable and smart city. Also, it is a reliable partner and their endorsement has great value to establish relationships with various stakeholders. During the Startup in Residence programme I learned a lot about the institutional culture and the organisational structure of the municipality. I have been introduced to a huge network which has broadened my views and given me new insights.’

About the project:

The City of The Hague strives to be CO2-neutral by 2040. An important step towards achieving this goal is to encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. The municipality aims to improve 20,000 homes by 2020 and has allocated sufficient public fund (€6.5 million for love-your-home-program "Hou van je huis") to motivate the green trend in the city. The main challenge the municipality is facing is: How to motivate the home owners of houses built before 1985 (label G) to engage in sustainable home improvement?

On the other hand, the house owners are reluctant to make huge investment for the measures due to market overwhelming with many products and suppliers without clear integrated solution that shows different inputs and associated outputs. The customers show high willingness to invest if the process is presented in a transparent way with clear impact in energy efficiency, comfort index and CO2 reduction.

The decision support tool will serve the house owners of The Hague city to evaluate different renovation measures in their houses and offers comparison in terms of; investment, energy efficiency, comfort index, environmental impact and payback period. It shows also available subsidies from different government and non-government organisations and offers coordination option. Furthermore, the tool will be the bases for a knowledge platform where service providers, professionals and knowledge institutes can exchange experience and document accumulate experience in this field.

Quality assurance:

The feedback channels from all players (house owners and service providers) will feed a rating system that promotes competition over quality. It will also feed the knowledge platform for experience exchange, learning, academia/ practitioners exchange and transparency.

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