Consultancy service in water infrastructure engineering and institutional development in the water sector in the Middle East & Africa

Our Services

Master planning

Engineering consultancy services:
Sewage systems planning and design

Wastewater treatment engineering and new urban sanitation technologies

Sanitation infrastructure asset management

Treated sewer effluent reuse infrastructure planning and design

Sanitation infrastructure master planning

Feasibility studies Environmental impact assessment studies

Storm water infrastructure

Wastewater treatment engineering and new urban sanitation technologies

Project management

TOR preparation for infrastructure projects

Water supply,
Health and safety management

Water supply consruction supervision
Construction supervision for drinking water networks and treatment facilities

Assets management

Feasibility Studies for water supply projects

Environmental impact assessment studies

Surveying and documentation services

Operational and maintenance plans

Health and safety management

TOR preparation for infrastructure projects


Work4water is in partnership in projects with best performing water supply utilities and institutions in Europe, Waternet in Amsterdam and Sachsen Wasser in Leipzig Germany and the Technical University of Delft 

Water Recources Management & Governance

Development of IWRM plans and IWRM policy implementation

Monitoring and evaluation system development

Capacity building and vocational training program development

Development of excel based tools for utilities assessment, project evaluation and planning

Water and sanitation sector planning; short term, mid-term and long term planning

Consultation on effective implementation of laws and regulations related to water and sanitation

Financing water sector options:

  • Private sector participation,
  • Water pricing and
  • Cost recovery
  • Tariff Setting
  • Improvement in Billing and Collection,

Events management and facilitation, workshops, conferences, training courses and seminars

Programmes coordination. Building and facilitating contact with different stakeholders

Performance indicators development

Strategic planning and policies drawing

Water and sanitation sector reform; water sector modernization and road maps development,

Cross country institutional set-up comparison and knowledge exchange in water sector

Water utilities management

TOR preparation in the field of water polices and strategy services

Institutional strengthening / Structural Improvement

Organization development,

Financial and Operational Performance,

Development of Standard Operating Procedures,

Business development in the Middle East

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